• teoría - Music Theory - a superb academic resource

  • Music Theory
  • Agazzari - About continuo in 1607
  • Application of virtual pitch theory in music analysis by Llorenç Balsach
  • Artistic Orchestration by Alan Belkin (1-X-2002)
  • The Art of Improvisation for Classical Guitarist
  • Algunos temperamentos históricos para instrumentos de teclado by Barbara Wang
  • Aspects of Early Major-Minor Tonality by Norman Douglas Anderson
  • Aspects of jazz rhythm and accent
  • Bach acoustics, numerology, gematria, Werckmeister by Herbert Anton Kellner
  • Brahms: Aspectos generales de su música de cámara y estética composicional por Rafael Zayas
  • D'Alembert théoricien de la musique - empirisme et nature
  • Dimensionamento das distancias entre os trastes nos instrumentos musicais de cordas  Luiz Netto
  • Escalas Musicais - Intervalos Luiz Netto
  • Formación de escalas y sonoridades en el siglo XX por Armando Ramírez
  • Fundamentals of the Indian Rag (Raga) by David Courtney, Ph.D.
  • Gems of Compositional Wisdom - Introduction by Matthew Fields
  • Hexachords, solmization, and musica ficta  by Margo Schulter
  • Human Pitch Perception: New Findings by Paul Pietromonaco
  • Introduction to Reading Music by Kevin Lux
  • Jazz Melody
  • Jazz Harmony
  • Johann Sebastian Bach: the well tempered tuning is unequal by Herbert Anton Kellner
  • The Just Intonation System of Nicola Vicentino by Bill Alves
  • The Language of Modern Jazz Music by Shai Cohen
  • Lectura y escritura musical para instrumentos transpositores by J. Rodríguez Alvira  
  • Let's become Bach or Beethoven and find out how to compose a masterpiece
  • Marchas armónicas en la Fantasía cromática de Bach y el Preludio #8 de Chopin por José Rodríguez Alvira
  • Musical Offering - a collection of canons by students of Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music
  • MTO Dissertation Index
  • Natural Forces in the Origin of the Do Re Mi Music Scale
  • The Notation of Time by James Ingram
  • Ofrenda musical - colección de canones realizados en un clase del Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico
  • On Playing Continuo
  • Pythagorean Tuning and Medieval Polyphony by Margo Schulter
  • A Practical Guide to Musical Composition by Alan Belkin
  • Principles of Counterpoint  by Alan Belkin
  • Taleas e isoritmia en la música medieval por José Rodríguez Alvira
  • Le phénomène sonore J. Catoire
  • Reading and Writing Music for Transposing Instruments by J. Rodríguez Alvira
  • Scales and sonorities of the 20th century by Armando Ramírez
  • On Scales, Chords and Progressions by Bill Alves
  • The Sound Phenomenon J. Catoire 
  • Thirteenth-Century Polyphony
  • Tonos virtuales y análisis armónico por Llorenç Balsach 
  • Trois grandes étapes en théorie musicale
  • Why Should I Learn To Read Music? by J. Andreas

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